What’s Wrong With Playing Video Games?

There was a time in my life when I didn’t care for video games at all. I had to have the radio on whether I was cleaning or doing a jigsaw puzzle and if anyone (I called them the gamers) wanted to play a game in the living room, they had to do it with the sound off. I didn’t even like to hear the sound of them. (Even now I prefer the volume on the low side) They would ask me why I thought there was something wrong with playing video games. I just couldn’t understand how they could sit there and play for hours. How they must have loved when I was at work. I laugh at this now and they sure won’t let me live it down.

One day I came home from work and “the gamers” were playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. I decided that I would try it and once I learned how to use the controller I was hooked. I went from that game to Gran Turismo two. One time I played for 16 hours straight. Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

I tried playing some of the golf games and I enjoyed the ones that are easy. Golden Tee and Hot Shots are my favorites. I did enjoy playing Mario Golf on the Gamecube, although I only had the chance to play it a couple of times. (I am a PlayStation person.) I Total War: Warhammer II Announces New Content Titled ‘The Shadows And The Blade find that most of the other golf games are too hard for me.

One boring evening I decided to go out and rent a video game. While I was in the store I came across The Legend of Dragoon. I hadn’t tried playing a role playing game yet and so I decided to try it. I didn’t like the fact that you had to fight so much so I fought as little as possible. I beat the game (barely) and played it again right away. I did fight more the second time around and beat the game again. It was so much fun that I have been hooked on rpg’s since and I’ve learned that the more you fight the better.

When someone asks me why I like to play these types of games, I tell them to think of it as watching a movie or reading a book and being part of it. You play your part as best you can and slowly work your way to your objective.

Recently I discovered that a friend of mine has The Legend of Dragoon and so I borrowed it. I wanted to remember why I loved it so much. So, I am now in the process of playing it again. Memories of my very first role playing game, life is good. I must say that after playing on the PC, the ps1 sure is slow, lol. I am still having loads of fun with it though.

Ten years have passed since I played my first rpg. Since then I have played games such as: Wild Arms, Final Fantasy, Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits, Suikedon 1-4 (with the exception of number three), Radiata Stories, Shining Tears, Atelier Iris, etc… As you can see, I am addicted to rpg’s. My favorite would be Final Fantasy XI Online. Now that’s a fun game. Even the fighting is a ton of fun.

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