Tips to follow if you don't want to get addicted to online poker

Poker is one of the most exciting games as it has all the elements to trigger all your passion. The triggers of fun filled thrill, challenge, chance, and risk involved in making money make online poker addictive. People play poker to earn money. There is nothing wrong in earning money using the gaming skills. When you are in control of your emotion and instincts, you enjoy the game and earn money. But when you are not in control of your instincts, you become addicted to the game.
The moment external factors start influencing your ego, you fall in a trap of the chain reaction of earning big through online poker. This shadows you intellectual capacity poker1001 deposit and you start taking hyper risks with your hard earned money. In the U.S. alone, there were over 6 million reported cases on gambling related addiction in 2017.
If you are in control of your decision making skill, online poker is totally harmless as you know when to start and when to stop. But if you compromise with your skills and let emotions play its role, then you act more like a compulsive player. This makes you the addicted poker player. Since the “problem gambling” is progressive in nature you fail to notice it in the early stage. By the time you realize, you might already be in mesh of physical, psychological, financial troubles.
This impulse-control disorder results in periodic headache, distress, depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. It is good to know about symptoms and take precautionary measures to avoid addiction.
How to Avoid Online Poker Addiction
Online poker related addiction is not because of financial miscalculations, but emotional over play. Once you are in a grip of addiction, your behavioral response to friends, family and work will change. If you feel that you are finding it hard to resist the temptation to play poker, it is time to consult your doctor and find ways to get rid of this urge.

  • Accept the Reality

When it comes to mind and emotion relates issues, the acceptance of the problem is the first step towards the remedy. The moment you accept that you are an online poker addict you start looking for solutions. The calculation and balance is the key to avoid addiction.

  • Communicate

You play online poker in isolation with virtual entities. In such situation, it is natural to respond differently as you don’t have social barriers. The best strategy to get out of addiction is to tell your family members and friends, they will help you in staying away from the game. Since it is all about money, be open about the losses so that you could get some help.

  • Remove Cues

When it comes to addiction therapy, memory triggers are the biggest barrier on the recovery path. You have to remove all possible triggers like poker friends, poker talks, money matters, software and access. The whole idea is to kill the temptation to play online poker, until you regain your natural instincts.

  • Finance

We all are conditioned to seek the easiest possible path to reach the destination. Just like everyone else your urge to earn easy money is also natural. But you choose to overdo it risking all financial security. During the addiction recovery phase it is better to stop access to all financial resources. You won’t have money, so you will be in the position to control the temptation to play poker.

  • Be Active

Online space takes you away from real worlds. If you are addicted, the best possible way to avoid online poker is to be active in social circles and remain busy. Play real game, go to gym and have real fun. This will help you compensate the urge.
Overcoming the challenge of uncertainty isn’t easy. It requires practice and dedication. It is good to play smart and play confidently so that you could win online poker games. Winning requires meticulous planning, strategy and execution. Make a plan and play according to it. You will never get addicted.

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