The Importance of Integrating Membership Software With Back End Office Systems

Many membership organisations are taking advantage of the benefits of technology by employing the use of membership software. Membership software enables member managers to organise, oversee and control their membership base with improved levels of efficiency and visibility. It can help to boost member enrolments and help reduce the number of members that fail to renew their subscription. More often than not it pays for itself through the increase in membership acquisition and retention.
Membership software comes in all shapes and sizes, but for organisations that rely on their membership base, it’s important that they have a solution that caters for all their needs. Businesses such as associations, charities, schools and universities, Nctrc Pre Approved Ceus trade unions, institutions and societies all rely on the attainment and renewal of their members, and so must provide value to their membership base. This can be achieved through the use of membership software.
A well rounded membership solution should include:
Membership Management: Manage membership subscriptions and renewals, whilst adding and processing new members with ease. Capture member data including activities undertaken, training course attendance and accreditations, event attendance etc.
Membership Communication: Create close and personalised relationships with members by communicating with them via a variety of integrated platforms – email, social media, website etc.
Membership Events: Create and manage successful events with an integrated event management module. Send targeted e-invites, allow members to register on the corporate website, handle invoicing and payments automatically, and organise all event resources from one central solution.
Flexible Invoicing and Finance Management: Integrate with the back end finance solution enabling the organisation to fully automate subscriptions, the sending of renewal invoices, and deactivation of subscriptions following non-payment. Membership software should also support multi-currency and integration with major financial systems.
Membership Analysis and Reporting: A comprehensive and extendable suite of management and business intelligence reports providing all the information required to review past performance and plan for the future.
So we can see that membership software has the ability to manage a wide range of member activities. Giving membership managers access to these tools gives them an increased level of control and visibility and can also free their time up to spend on more strategic tasks. Providing a more efficient service to members also helps to increase membership satisfaction.

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