Sending Your Thoughts Through Time and Completely Avoiding Time Constraints

Is there a way to send your thoughts through time, to warn yourself of an upcoming event, or even to give you a clue as to which way the stock market is going, what the sports scores might be, or give you the advantage and edge over everyone else? I would submit to you that there actually is a way to send thoughts through time, and I bet the quantum physicists, and those doing the research and development in that arena figure it out.
Ah, and when they do, you will see drastic changes in our society as it adapts to crisis, Your Thoughts anticipates problems; and how it is natural for human beings to take advantage of the situation and capture great wealth for themselves and their friends.
Since our stock markets have turned into gambling casinos, you can expect those with such technologies to be playing stocks and commodities, and doing currency trading. You might also expect them to be in Las Vegas, betting on horse races, and sports games. In fact their bets will be so uncanny, so on top of things that they will be immediately be investigated by the SEC for insider trading, and followed around every casino. After all, they must be doing something illegal to be winning such a large percentage of the time.
Okay, so this is a science fiction thought, which other people have discussed the prior, this is nothing new. We probably have seen movies that depict such events, but I ask, how can we make it possible? I believe there is a way to send vibrational energy through time, and outside the confines of what we think of as time. Vibrational frequency seems to go both ways through time, and since time is relative we merely send the information to a different place, a different space which is unconfined or out of the current perception, and then recapture it.
In fact, it surprises me to no end the mere thought that it hasn’t been done yet. Indeed, I don’t think I believe that human scientists and researchers have not figured this out yet, and actually sent information through time. The question is who are they, which methods are they using, and do they have only their best interests in mind, or are they using this technology to also help the rest of the humans on the planet?
It seems if you had such a technology, you might keep it to yourself, to protect stability of markets, currency, and betting. Also to protect your nation, or advance your military. Please consider all this.

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