How to access best child protection system at schools

Now a days as the crime rate against children has increased at a tremendous level, it has became a matter of utmost concern for parents to keep their children safe at all places. At schools, the authorities also have an important part to play in safeguarding the children. By strengthening the appropriate childprotection system, we can keep them safe from any kind of threat no matter what it is.
The school administration can start by installing the CCTV camera for school, which will help them keep all the activities going in and around the premises, in check. Also recording the footage can help the school to maintain the decorum of the place. While installation of cameras help in recording the activities, italso develops an effect of surveillance on the person with criminal psychology. Generally, the crimes those occur in schools happen in absence of authorities. For which the authorities can get the view of the school in their smart phones. There are wide range of CCTV camera available at CP PLUS through which one can keep an eye on anybody through their smart phones or smart screens.
The Child Protection Scheme must have a counselling system which will help the child in the conditions where they are not able to share their problems with anybody due to many factors. This will help us to protect a child from any kind of abuse or bullying. Also, counselling can provide a mental support to the children which help in maintaining their mental and emotional stability.
Also the transportation system, must be kept under a strict surveillance to avoid any kind of problem to children on their way.
It is not only the responsibility of the school, but also of the parents to regularly enquire their children about happenings in the school and various other places and people they visit to. The people who are involved with the child and their friend circle must be observed to protect them from any maltreatment.

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