How are the tyres manufactured at our facility?

We at Metro Tyres have been treading the road to excellence for nearly five decades now and are one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India. Since 1968 to the present times, our tyre manufacturing process has undergone a vast sea of changes to earn a name for itself in the tyres and tubes industry. We have a large investment in research and technology to thank for providing the tyres in Ludhiana as well as India and the world this trusted brand name that propels us to produce over 30 million tyres as well as the same amount of tubes annually all over India as well as many other countries.
Our tyres are not just a ring of rubber over a frame of metal to provide traction and cushion but a constantly evolving piece of art and technology. Automation guides many steps of the manufacturing process combined with a huge team of skilled workers to provide this essential part of your ride.
Our testing starts much before the tyre has even been conceptualised at the ingredients stage itself. Our teams of chemists run a batch of tests on the materials that the suppliers provide and then the process starts with choosing and combining the most pure rubber in various trade secret mixtures of sulphur, carbon black, natural and synthetic rubber which is produced from crude oil purification process. Natural rubber is a milky liquid that is mixed with acids to solidify it.
All through this mixing batches of rubber are taken for testing to ensure their density and tensile strength. Huge automated presses squeeze the water out of it to form rubber sheets that are dried in tall smokehouses and pressed into enormous bales for easy transportation to the manufacturing units.
The designs are finalised on the computers with the help of complex analytical and design softwares and tested extensively before the manufacturing starts. They are tested at impossible stress levels and terrain parameters and various tread designs to ensure only the best designed treads reach the market. A proto tyre is assembled and tested out of this pre-screening and additional tests are carried out before the real manufacturing is even allowed.
Next the various permutations and combinations of rubbers are wrapped as per the testing done earlier into multiple layers around a metal drum that forms the various parts of the tyre. An assembler then cuts and positions the strips to form the tyre known as the ‘green tyres’ which is placed in a mold for curing with steam to 280 degrees that shapes the tyre. After a period of cooling this tyre is again tested for any design and strength flaws like bubbles in the rubber in the tread or sidewall or the interior. Tests are done with sensors to measure the balance and to see that they run true in a straight line.
Hundreds of this new tyre are then taken for destructive tests where they are sliced open to check for air pockets and metal studs are pressed into them to check for their resistance to puncture as well as many more. An X-ray machine is then pressed into service to check them minutely and to detect any flaws. This comprehensive testing ensures our top place in the list of tyre manufacturers in India‎ by providing you a tyre that you will choose to forget.

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