Golf Game – Simple Basics For Beginners

Golf is somewhat considered a sport of the wealthy. And yes, there is quite a ring of nobility to it. But with the right practice and right equipment, everyone can learn how to play golf. But before you do, you might want to learn a few basic things about the game of golf first. Here are some basic information for beginners:

Golf Course

One thing that makes golf unique from other sports is its space requirement. There is probably no other ball game that requires a bigger lot space than golf does. And across the spacious field, there are a standard number of 18-holes. Smaller fields may have only 9-holes. For an 18-hole play, a 9-hole field is played twice.

A golf course consists of the teeing ground (the starting ground), the fairway (the long stretch of land), putting green (the area where the final goal is located), Golf Clash Hack and finally, the hole which is marked by the flagstick. There are also elements classified as ‘obstacles’. These include the water hazard, rough, trees, and others.

Golf Equipment

There is a standard golf ball used in a golf game. But when it comes to the golf club, you will see a lot of varieties. A golfer is required to at least own one of all types of golf club. This is because each one performs a different task and is important.

Golf clubs are generally categorized into three groups: the woods, the irons, and the putters. Irons are used for long distance shots and are usually the first to be used from the teeing ground. Irons are shorter clubs and are used for shorter distances. Irons are also used to get the golf ball out of a difficult situation (e.g. out of a trough).

And lastly, there are the putters. These are used for very short distances and commonly used when the ball is already on the putting green. Putters are clubs used to put the ball into the hole.

Game Scoring

A golfer’s score is determined by par. Par is the minimum number of strokes that a golfer must execute to put the ball into the hole. In a par-3 game for example, a golfer is expected to achieve the goal in three strokes. In a similar way, a golfer is expected to achieve the goal in four strokes in a par-4 game. The score is higher the fewer the number of strokes a golfer executes to put the ball into the hole.

There is also a unique naming system used for each type of score. For instance, achieving the goal in three strokes under par is called an Albatross or Double eagle (-3 in score). Goal achieved in two strokes over par is called a double bogey (+2 in score) and goal achieved in three strokes over par is called a triple bogey (+3 in score).

Play Form

There are different forms of play in a golf game. In a match game for example, two people or two teams will play the field alternately. Their scores will then be summed and compared afterwards. Other forms of golf play include the following: stroke play, skins, 9-point, and stableford. There are also team plays called foursome, fourball, and some unofficial variations.

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