Choosing Your EB-5 Investment Visa Advisor

The EB5 investment visa allows you to live permanently in the United States. It needs an investment of $500,000 in one of the approved centers for EB5. If you are going to consider the EB5 investment visa, you need to consult a good advisor who can offer their services in an effective way, by assisting you in concluding which is the appropriate regional center to match your requirements.

A good advisor would spent his extensive time in making full scale visits to the approved EB5 programs, and would be visa consultancy concerned with the performance and reliability of the regional centers, which you are considering, and often the projects that are within the center.

There have been several instances where the EB5 investor has only focused on one angle of the regional center while neglecting other important problems. Absolutely it is very important you do not get this wrong as it can put you at the risk of losing $500,000 of your investment, and your permanent visa, and face banishment minus your investment.

So here are few problems that you may want to check out regarding selection of the good consultant or advisor to advise you on negative and positive aspects of several regional centers. Most of the advisors would charge fee, but there are some independent experienced advisors who can provide the full service without charging any fees to the client.

Has the advisor visited the regional centers for many times?

It is very important that the advisor has recently spent his time visiting the approved regional centers. You should know what is happening actually in the programs presently. These all visits should be in detail. Some consultants have not at all visited, or actually any authoritative regional center program.

Some consultants never visit Regional Centers have the restricted knowledge simply that is restricted to sales information that the regional centers have given them. Such kind of advisors not be aware of the issues that are happening behind the actual scene.

Does the consultant understand the intricacies and complexities of the creation of jobs economic models of several programs?

However, different programs would have different job models, the advisor should know about all these models in order to handle the critical issues that can be raised at the time of processing.

Is the consultant have sufficient knowledge about which center have program that is currently subjected to different kinds of litigation, or which consultant had been the knowledge of Secret service investigation? All these are important, critical problems regarding the investment of you $50,000 for the EB5 investment visa.

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