Any Objections to “Happy New Year” Anybody?

This article was written on Christmas night after a very happy family day. With all the highly publicized fighting and squawking in 2005 about what others should or should not say during this season of peace, let’s try something different next year! Let’s acknowledge greetings from strangers, friends and acquaintances, with a heartfelt greeting in return! Non-Christians, when a Christian smiles and wishes you a Merry Christmas, try wishing him or her a Merry Christmas too. No statements, no issues, just wish their Christmas well. Christians, when greeted with “Happy Holidays”, simply wish “Happy Holidays” in return. Return good wishes for Eid, “Happy Hanukkah”, “Feliz Navidad”, or whatever good greetings you are fortunate enough receive. And … If someone took the time and spent the postage to send you a greeting card, send warm wishes back in whatever form of goodwill expresses you best! (While current political decisions may be controversial, the White House Christmas Card was in fact beautiful, thoughtfully selected, and perfectly tasteful.) This is not complicated. Holiday Merry Christmas and happy new year greetings are expressions of kindness and wishes for peace, no matter what faith or culture created them, and we are blessed for them. Constructive activism is a great strength, but not when it becomes rude and personal. We are strengthened by our diversity, but weakened when we deny other points of view; especially when we try to deny others the joy of celebrations that have deep meaning to them and their families. So next year, instead of combative rudeness and public protestations, try being polite and civilized by sharing this marvelous Season of Peace, which belongs to everyone. Then just smile, move on, and enjoy your own family celebrations in the natural happiness of these holiday seasons. visit:- (P.S.) There is no perfectly trendy holiday table display worth excluding lonely family members due to lack of place settings. Denise says: A little short? Put away the fancy china and stack the chinettes…make anyone and everyone in your life welcome at your table!

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